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25 leaders transforming manufacturing

Urmaze Naterwalla, Head of Research & Development, Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center, selected by SME’s Smart Manufacturing magazine as one of “25 Leaders Transforming Manufacturing.”

Naterwalla has a vision to help the Oregon Manufacturing & Innovation Center (OMIC) become internationally recognized as a state-of-the-art research center with the unique distinction of fostering data-driven decisions that provide value-added solutions to meet true production needs. With the participation of its members, world-class machinery and equipment, an on-site factory of tomorrow and a new training center due to open this year in collaboration with Portland Community College, the center is certainly moving the needle in advanced metals manufacturing technologies and processes in the Portland area. Next up for Naterwalla and his R&D team are temperature-predicting in machining, implanting sensors in additive parts, vision systems for finish measurements and defect analysis and rapid moldmaking by additive manufacturing. He also teaches advanced manufacturing master classes at the center’s OMIC Academy. On a personal note, he recently published a textbook, “Machining Solutions–The Art & Science of Metal Cutting.” “It is my sincerest hope that this text contributes to enhancement of professional careers, or helps students learn our trade the right way,” he said.