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Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership, support organization for state manufacturers, joins OMIC R&D as 24th member

The Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center Research and Development (OMIC R&D) recently welcomed the Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership (OMEP) as its 24th member. OMEP is a team of former manufacturing business owners, engineers and executives whose mission is to help Oregon’s manufacturers be more successful though a number of services and resources.

OMEP helps Oregon manufacturers in both rural and urban Oregon respond to the challenges of competing in an increasingly global economy. They provide the tools and expertise to help manufacturers assess company needs in all areas; assist in evaluating key opportunities, obstacles to growth, and helping them implement programs and processes to ensure immediate return on efforts. OMEP leverages Lean Manufacturing methodologies to provide solutions in manufacturing operations, business financials and strategy, and organizational development to be a lever in Oregon to help manufacturer’s grow and prosper. OMEP also provides skill-sharpening educational events, fuels strategic partnerships, and acts as the entry point to a number of manufacturing resources.

Craig Campbell, executive director of OMIC R&D said, “There’s a really great alignment and synergy between the work and principles of OMEP and OMIC R&D. Because OMEP’s outreach spans a broad spectrum of industry sectors they can help us extend our role and presence with businesses that we probably wouldn’t connect with as quickly. Their expertise will also be tremendously valuable to OMIC R&D’s members, extending their understanding of and access to a broader range of manufacturing support resources, including some of the top minds in this sector to help us all be more successful in growing manufacturing in Oregon.”

OMIC R&D is the fifteenth innovation research collaborative established with Boeing leadership worldwide, and the first Boeing has sponsored in the United States. Its mission is to bring together manufacturing companies and higher education in an innovative environment to solve the advanced manufacturing challenges facing industry. Faculty and university students undertake “outside-in” applied research to solve real production problems while training the next generation of engineers and technologists to meet the high demand for skilled workers in advanced metals manufacturing. Member companies pool resources and knowledge with researchers to create a highly dynamic and innovative R&D center with access to the most advanced equipment and tools.

Aaron Fox, OMEP president said, “OMEP works side by side with Oregon manufacturers to build successful businesses in the state, so we fully align with OMIC R&D’s mission to increase innovation in Oregon. We’re excited about opening up access to small and mid-sized manufacturers to OMIC R&D’s advanced tools and technology that will allow their businesses to grow. To increase innovation, Oregon manufacturers also need access to the type of skilled workers OMIC is building through the training arm of the organization. The OMEP board and staff are eager to work in partnership with OMIC’s leadership and staff and see how we can further extend manufacturing success in the state.”

OMEP joins twenty-three other OMIC R&D industry and university members in this unique collaboration.