Meet Our Staff Team!

  • Craig Campbell, Executive Director
  • Ally Imbody, Research Grant & Project Lead
  • Josh Koch, Programming & Operations Lead
  • Miranda Loumena, Machine Operator & Programmer
  • Michele Vitali, Administrative Lead
  • Michael Welborn, Machine Operator & Programmer

Welcome new OMIC R&D staff!

December 21st, 2018

Machine Operator/Programmer

Miranda is a seasoned metal fabricator, programmer and operator who has worked in numerous industries over the last decade. She brings a deep knowledge of prototyping and part fabrication with an emphasis on part creation using the most efficient processes available. Whether at home or work, Miranda enjoys expanding her knowledge and abilities and she is ready to bring that passion to OMIC. She joins the team January 2, 2019.

Machine Operator/Programmer

Michael is an accomplished programmer and operator with a strong focus in the aerospace industry. He is well versed in machine theory and strategies and spent the last four years specializing in tight tolerance hard metal machining. Both customer driven and shop floor oriented, Michael is passionate about machining and he is looking forward to becoming a part of the OMIC team. He starts on January 14, 2019.

‚ÄčProfessional Culture

At OMIC, we:
  • work well with others in a collaborative setting
  • always provide excellent customer service
  • act in a professional and ethical manner
  • demonstrate a sense of calm and inspire confidence in others
  • remain positive in a high-pressure environment
  • ask questions and freely contribute ideas while openly considering the ideas of others
  • engage in problem solving in a creative and responsible manner, keeping a flexible approach and positive attitude
  • adjust quickly and positively to change
  • take ownership of issues and are comfortable with decision-making responsibility
  • are coachable and not hesitant to embrace opportunities for professional growth