Craig, Michele, Ally and Josh at the new road!

Meet Our Staff Team!

  • Craig Campbell, Executive Director
  • Ally Imbody, Research Grant & Project Lead
  • Josh Koch, Operations Lead & CNC Programmer/Operator
  • Michele Vitali, Administrative Lead

‚ÄčProfessional Culture

At OMIC R&D, we:
  • work well with others in a collaborative setting
  • always provide excellent customer service
  • act in a professional and ethical manner
  • demonstrate a sense of calm and inspire confidence in others
  • remain positive in a high-pressure environment
  • ask questions and freely contribute ideas while openly considering the ideas of others
  • engage in problem solving in a creative and responsible manner, keeping a flexible approach and positive attitude
  • adjust quickly and positively to change
  • take ownership of issues and are comfortable with decision-making responsibility
  • are coachable and not hesitant to embrace opportunities for professional growth