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Oregon Institute of Technology

Oregon Institute of Technology – Oregon Tech – is a member of OMIC R&D, as well as the operational host and landlord of the Scappoose facility. It is a unique public polytechnic university ensuring that the state and region have an engineering, healthcare and technology workforce with strong bachelor and master’s degree credentials, and strong practical experience before they graduate.

Oregon Tech believes that quality technology degrees are built on industry partnerships that erase the line between the university and the workplace. Our partnerships are many and varied, and address state and regional workforce and economic needs. A few examples of industry partnerships include: creation of applied “outside-in” research partnerships that engage students and faculty in solving real industry problem sets, providing invaluable experiences that make graduates work-ready with less need for orientation and training by employers; partnering with industry to create internship and externship sites, co-ops and other organization placements, where students work to earn both a skillset and a paycheck, helping them prepare for career success; development of centers of excellence – such as the Oregon Renewable Energy Center and the Population Health Research Center – that tackle big issues in collaboration with industry, while being a teaching platform for our faculty and a training ground for Oregon Tech students.